Finding beauty through fragrance, Illume is a world of pure imagination. We like when curiosity gets the best of us. It makes us think bigger - embracing the chemistry of art and science and attitude. Travelers and seekers, we study culture and color, and let trends play with our instincts to create signature fragrances and designs.

Our craft is a mix of inspired elements: The scent. The style. The wax. The wick. We infuse flawless standards in every product. If it isn't perfect, it doesn't leave our Minneapolis headquarters. You might say we're refreshingly compulsive and we love that. For the things we create are the experiences of peoples' lives. They need to make meaningful, memorable connections.

Intrigued? We hope so. You'll find that while we take our life's work seriously, we're also downright nice. It's a Midwestern thing. We'd love to - sincerely - get to know you.