Candle Care Tips & Tricks: Wick Trimming

Candle Care Tips & Tricks: Wick Trimming

We’re sharing our expert know-how on proper candle care. Follow these simple tips for the optimal burn.

Tip No. 1: Trim wick to 1/4" before each burn
This aids in an even candle burn, and prevents soot build-up and
we suggest using our black wick trimmer

ILLUME Candles Black Wick Trimmer

Tip No. 2: Burn candle for 4 - 6 hours at a time
Under burning can lead to candle tunneling. Over burning could lead to an uneven burn, excess smoke and wick mushrooming.
we suggest lighting with our rechargeable USB lighter

ILLUME Candles rechargeable usb lighter

We extensively test our candle performance in our lab, but following these simple steps can aid in exceptional candle burning.

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