Holiday Mantel Styling Tips

Holiday Mantel Styling Tips

Add a little extra zhoosh to your holiday mantel with our styling tips & tricks. 

STEP 1: Coordinate your everyday pieces with novelty holiday items

STEP 2: Add a mixture of greenery for height and interest

STEP 3: Adorn your mantle with a festive garland in complementary colors

STEP 4: Pop in a few tree shaped decor pieces

STEP 5: Scatter shimmery accents

STEP 6: Light the candles for a glowy ambiance 

Our Mercury Ornament Candles and Shine Ceramic Candles add the perfect touch and seasonal scent.

ILLUME Holiday Mantle Styling



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Holiday Gifting Ideas

Holiday Gifting Ideas
It's the best time of the year. Make your gifts shine with our thoughtfully designed fragrances and vessels. Explore our gift suggestions at a variety price points and recipients. Continue reading

Shining a Light on our Creative Designers

ILLUME Candles In-House Design Work


At ILLUME®, we care deeply. Our entire experience happens in-house; from fragrance development to packaging.

All of the beautiful artwork on our products is illustrated, painted or sculpted by our nimble team of designers. We source vessels that are beautiful and interesting, packaging design that’s fresh and inspiring, and a meaningful story that pulls it all together. This matters to us so we can deliver an above and beyond fragrance experience.

So the next time you pick up an ILLUME® product, take a step back to imagine the artistry and thought that went into it.

ILLUME Creative Examples

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Upcycling Candle Vessels

ILLUME Candle Vessel Repurposing in Bathroom

Once the flame goes out in your candle, find other ways to reuse the beautiful vessels.

Try repurposing for bathroom vanity storage. Not only are they perfect petite decor pieces, but also function for holding hair accessories and cotton swabs. 

Pair similar color palettes with a variety of textures, and you've got the a scene for a picture worthy shelfie.

Need tips on how to clean your vessel? Check out our blog post on Wax Removal Best Practices. 

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Candle Care Tips & Tricks: Wick Trimming

Candle Care Tips & Tricks: Wick Trimming

We’re sharing our expert know-how on proper candle care. Follow these simple tips for the optimal burn.

Tip No. 1: Trim wick to 1/4" before each burn
This aids in an even candle burn, and prevents soot build-up and
we suggest using our black wick trimmer

ILLUME Candles Black Wick Trimmer

Tip No. 2: Burn candle for 4 - 6 hours at a time
Under burning can lead to candle tunneling. Over burning could lead to an uneven burn, excess smoke and wick mushrooming.
we suggest lighting with our rechargeable USB lighter

ILLUME Candles rechargeable usb lighter

We extensively test our candle performance in our lab, but following these simple steps can aid in exceptional candle burning.

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Celebrating International Dog Day

Dogs at ILLUME®

It's an all out lovefest for dogs (animals of all kinds actually) at ILLUME®, so of course we had to honor our furry friends on International Dog Day.

Our corporate employees are lucky enough to have the opportunity to bring their best buds to work anytime; we're certain it helps with productivity. Meet some of our beloved ILLUME® family pets!

Because it matters to us greatly, our candle and diffuser formulas are PETA certified, cruelty-free and vegan, made with the best intentions and ingredients. Crulety-free means that our candles are developed without any test on animals, while vegan means that the product does not include any animal-derived elements.

ILLUME® Dogs at Work

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Space Styling Tips & Tricks

Get inspired by our expert tips and tricks for creating a stylish space in your home. 

STEP 1: Use pieces with different textures and materials

STEP 2: Add items with varying heights

STEP 3: Create depth

STEP 4: Include a glimmer of shine (hello, Statement Glass candles)

STEP 5: Introduce color (Vanity Tins with that pop of pattern)

STEP 6: Stack pieces for a layering effect


ILLUME® Space Styling Tips and Tricks

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Sunday Reset Routine

Sunday Reset Routine

This is a reminder to slow down, and take time for yourself. Prepare for the week ahead with a SUNDAY RESET ROUTINE.

  • GROUND: Center yourself. Set the mood. Light a candle & play music.
  • PREP: Plan out meals & shop for groceries.
  • CLEAN: Launder bedding & towels, & tidy up living spaces.
  • THINK: Compose a weekly to-do list, & categorize by importance.
  • RELAX: Dedicate time for self-care with a soothing candlelit bath.

Our STATEMENT GLASS CANDLES set the tone for rejuvenating glow. 

Designed as a centerpiece, the statement glass is lidded, 3-wick, high shine beauty with a warm ombre glow that gets better with every burn. Available in nine elevated fragrances.

ILLUME® Fresh Sea Salt Statement Glass Candle
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REMINDER: Refresh Your Diffusers

ILLUME® Diffuser Refresh Video

ILLUME® diffusers are an alcohol-free blend of finely-crafted oils for flameless ambiance. To keep fragrances fresh, rotate your diffuser reeds once a week. This ensures the best fragrance throw.

Our Far and Away collection includes Mini Aromatic Diffusers in a pastel tinted glass bottles that are beautiful enough by themselves to leave out on the shelf, desk, or bookcase.

With our Beautifully Done Diffuser Refills, it's easy to reduce, reuse, and try out a new fragrance or two.

Where are you placing your diffusers? Show us by tagging us on Instagram.

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Candles and Cocktails: Pink Pepper Fruit + Flying Hibiscus

Candles and Cocktails: Pink Pepper Fruit + Flying Hibiscus

We've partnered with local Minnesota restaurant, Holman's Table, to bring you a candle and cocktail pairing.

🕯️ Pink Pepper Fruit Flourish Glass candle from Go Be Lovely collection
🍸 Flying Hibiscus craft cocktail

The tropical fruit notes mirror the hibiscus syrup, while the smoked sea salt enhances the pink pepper.

Recreate this pairing with the recipe below. 


  • 1.5 oz silver tequila
  • .75 oz hibiscus syrup (Made with equal parts dried hibiscus flowers, agave syrup, and water. Bring to a boil, strain and let cool.)
  • .5 oz fresh lime juice
  • dash of smoked salt saline solution


Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously. Strain over fresh ice into a collins/highball glass, and top with soda water. Serve with a lime sliced dipped in black Hawaiian salt.

Tag us on Instagram @illumecandles when you create this pairing at home.

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