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Have you ever wondered how a candle is made? Take a peek behind the curtain to see the people and process of ILLUME® at our state-of-the-art facility in Maple Grove, Minnesota. We're passionate about making beautifully scented products and care deeply at every state of the process, from design to testing to manufacturing.

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ILLUME contract candle manufacturing stats
ILLUME candle manufacturing lab, fragrance library and personal fragrance
  1. Our facility measures just under 300,000 sq ft and has capacity of over 50 million units - and room to grow!
  2. Our in-house R&D lab individually formulates the wax blend, color, fragrance load, and wick for each and every new candle we make.
  3. Our in-house fragrance consultancy offers bespoke fragrance development and design that establishes consumer loyalty and cult classic scents.
  4. Our expansive vessel library is globally sourced and ever-expanding, keeping us on the cutting edge of materials and home decor trends.

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